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Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of our curated liquor store at LiquorSpirits, where our mission is to provide you with the high-end spirits you truly deserve. We’re meticulously selecting a collection of premium liquors to elevate your drinking experience, ensuring that each bottle reflects our commitment to quality and exclusivity. Whether you’re a connoisseur or looking to enhance your collection, LiquorSpirits will soon become your go-to destination for the finest spirits the world has to offer. Get ready to access the exceptional—details coming very soon!


Francois Lamarche, Grande Rue

(harvested on September 20th). This has gone from strength to strength and only seems to get better with each passing year. A lightly menthol-infused nose that is exceptionally ripe yet stops short of being surmature remains almost 100% primary with ample black fruit


Giuseppe Rinaldi, Barolo Tre Tine

The pretty 2011 Barolo Tre Tine shows elegance, fullness and cheerful generosity of fruit. The wine represents a blend of Nebbiolo harvested from the Cannubi S. Lorenzo, Ravera and Le Coste vineyards. Cherry and blackberry aromas rise to the front with lingering tones of smoke