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Armand Rousseau, Chambertin

It’s as though the Clos de Bèze and Chambertin have switched places in 2006 as here the nose is positively kaleidoscopic with a huge range of aromas and spice elements along with a hint of menthol. There is excellent freshness and vibrancy to the pure, round, rich and focused


Domaine Leroy, Clos Vougeot

Still a deep ruby color that displays only a touch of lightening at the rim and that impression of youthfulness is reinforced by the distinctly earthy nose that exhibits moderate secondary development but certainly no sous bois.




From an early-ripening vintage, the 2012 Bolgheri Sassicaia shows bold lines and thick color concentration. It does exhibit a classic Sassicaia bouquet, but it does so minus that delicate floral embroidery that comes forth with such delight in 2013.


DRC, Richebourg

(made with ~60% whole clusters). The restrained and markedly cool nose displays an impressive variety of floral and spice hints that add a sense of elegance to the stunningly complex ripe dark berry fruit and plum aromas.


Armand Rousseau, Chambertin Clos De Beze

(1.42 ha; 100% new wood where the inside of the barrel has been steam washed first). Slightly more evident, though still quite subtle, wood frames the even spicier aromas of liqueur-like red and dark berry fruit, plum, anise, earth and lilac nuances.



The 2003 Petrus was born in a difficult vintage for Pomerol, although its blue clay a.k.a smectite soils probably gave Christian Moueix and Jean-Claude Berrouet a slight advantage given its propensity to retain moisture and prevent hydric stress.




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