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In the constellation of ultra-premium spirits, Grey Goose® has long held a star of its own. With the introduction of Grey Goose® Altius, the brand ascends further, crafting not just a vodka, but a beacon of luxury in the spirits industry. This detailed review traverses the journey of Altius from its conceptualization to the glass, encapsulating its exceptional qualities that set new benchmarks for vodka enthusiasts.

The Essence of Grey Goose® Altius

Distilled in the tranquil expanses of the French Alps, Grey Goose® Altius begins its story. The brand continues its legacy of using pristine spring water and the finest soft winter wheat, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. This section explores the meticulous selection of ingredients that contribute to Altius’s standout character in the global spirits market.

Revolutionary Filtration Techniques

Central to its distinction, Grey Goose® Altius employs a sub-freezing filtration process, mirroring the natural purification seen in glacial environments. This innovative technique achieves an unparalleled smoothness by simulating high-altitude crystallization, a process that refines the vodka to its essence. Each sip of Altius carries a subtle minerality, reminiscent of its journey through the Chantilly limestone, enriching the vodka with a crisp, clean finish.

A Symphony of Flavors

Altius is not merely consumed; it is experienced. This vodka introduces a complex array of flavors, beginning with delicate notes of green apple and transitioning to a rich, earthy undertone. Unlike its predecessors, Altius offers a nuanced profile that engages the palate with every taste, inviting aficionados to explore its layers in contemplative sips.

Luxury in Every Detail

Grey Goose® Altius transcends ordinary drinking experiences, crafting moments of pure indulgence. Ideal for savoring neat or as the cornerstone of a sophisticated cocktail, Altius invites connoisseurs to a new realm of vodka appreciation. This section illustrates how Altius enhances the sensory enjoyment of vodka, elevating it to the status of a fine spirit typically reserved for the most exclusive liquors.

Global Ambitions and Select Availability

As Grey Goose® unveils Altius, it targets the echelons of global luxury markets, initially launching in iconic locales such as Ibiza, Mykonos, and Saint-Tropez. This strategic introduction is designed to meet the palates of an elite clientele, subsequently making its debut in major cities across the United States and Dubai.

Culinary Companions

True luxury is best shared. Grey Goose® Altius pairs exquisitely with refined gastronomy. From the delicate flavors of high-end seafood to the rich textures of gourmet cheeses, Altius enhances each culinary encounter. This segment provides insights into ideal pairings that amplify the unique characteristics of this distinguished vodka.


Grey Goose® Altius is not just a new addition to the vodka market; it is a pinnacle of what vodka can aspire to be. With each release, Grey Goose® continues to challenge the conventions of spirits production, offering sophisticated drinkers around the world a taste of unparalleled luxury. Altius is more than a vodka—it is an experience, that invites you to revel in its craftsmanship and to celebrate the art of fine distillation.

Grey Goose® Altius: Elevating Vodka to New Heights


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