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Bollinger R.D. (Recently Disgorged) Extra Brut stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and exceptional quality of the historic Champagne house, Bollinger. Introduced by Madame Lily Bollinger in 1967, this cuvée has redefined the aging potential and complexity achievable in champagne through its unique production method.

Origins and Winemaking Mastery

The innovation of Bollinger R.D. began with the release of a 1952 vintage that had been disgorged after 15 years, far longer than typical champagnes. This method showcased the incredible richness and nuanced flavors developed from prolonged lees aging. The cuvée primarily utilizes grapes from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, with a focus on Pinot Noir to enhance body and structure, complemented by Chardonnay to add elegance.

Extended Lees Aging: A Signature Technique

Bollinger R.D. undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle and is aged on the lees for at least 8 to 20 years. This extensive period allows the development of the champagne’s signature aromatic intensity and intricate flavor profile. The late disgorgement process ensures that it retains freshness and exuberance, bridging the gap between aged complexity and youthful vibrancy.

Tasting Profile: Richness Meets Elegance

Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut is celebrated for its deep golden hue and refined effervescence. The aroma is a lavish bouquet of baked apple, pear, and toasted brioche, with undertones of dried fruits and honey—a testament to its age. The palate is both robust and refined, marked by a vibrant acidity that balances the mature flavors. Citrus, spice, and mineral notes culminate in a finish that is persistent and layered, embodying the sophistication of Bollinger R.D.

Why Bollinger R.D. Stands Out

  • Exclusivity and Rarity: Only produced in exceptional vintages, each bottle of Bollinger R.D. is a rare delight, adding to its allure among collectors and connoisseurs.
  • Innovative Aging Process: The cuvée’s aging and disgorgement techniques create a champagne experience that is nearly unparalleled, offering maturity along with preserved freshness.
  • Prestige: Bollinger’s adherence to rigorous standards and commitment to traditional methods are epitomized in the R.D. cuvée, which is revered for its excellence and innovation.

Perfect Pairings and Occasions

Ideal for celebratory events, Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut enhances any luxurious gathering or serves as an elegant aperitif. It pairs exquisitely with sophisticated dishes like lobster with truffle or creamy sauces, and aged cheeses, enhancing both the drink and the dining experience.

Availability of Bollinger R.D.

Sought after by enthusiasts worldwide, Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut can be found at select premium wine retailers, fine dining establishments, luxury hotels, and notable wine auctions.

In conclusion, Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut is not merely a champagne but an emblem of winemaking artistry. It represents a unique blend of aged complexity and freshness, making it a standout selection for those seeking to indulge in one of the finest champagnes available today.

Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut Rating

Appearance: 94/100
Aroma: 96/100
Taste: 97/100
Mouthfeel: 95/100
Overall Experience: 96/100

What Our Score Means 100: The Pinnacle: A rare gem worth every effort to obtain.
95 – 99: Elite: A prized possession for the discerning connoisseur.
90 – 94: Exceptional: Guaranteed to impress and delight.
85 – 89: Superior: A remarkable choice that stands out.
80 – 84: Reliable: A dependable selection for everyday enjoyment.
Below 80: Adequate: Decent, but not extraordinary. We aim to elevate your palate beyond this threshold.

Breakdown of the Ratings:

Appearance (94/100): Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut boasts a deep golden hue and refined effervescence, indicative of its extended aging and premium quality.

Aroma (96/100): The nose offers a lavish bouquet of baked apple, pear, toasted brioche, dried fruits, and honey, reflecting the complex aromatic intensity developed from prolonged lees aging.

Taste (97/100): The palate is robust and refined, with vibrant acidity balancing mature flavors of citrus, spice, and minerals. The finish is persistent and layered, showcasing the sophistication of this champagne.

Mouthfeel (95/100): The texture is both luxurious and refreshing, with a creamy mousse and vibrant effervescence that elevates the tasting experience.

Overall Experience (96/100): Combining its rich history, innovative aging techniques, and exceptional flavor profile, Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut offers an exquisite overall experience, making it a standout choice for champagne enthusiasts and collectors.

Bollinger R.D. Extra Brut


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